Motion People is a creative hub, where filmmakers and enthusiasts from all borders can come and collaborate to study, nurture and create any visual art forms, to be presented on screen. Motion People wants to rejuvenate the interest towards Bangladeshi Films and visual art-forms among our people and create a commendable audience base abroad.. We are always in motion to create films and visual art forms, and the thread that vines us all together here is our devotion to hunt for original stories. 

Our Philosophy, “We try to hear the hums of human emotions and mold stories which are wrapped with intricate details of our captivating culture, to create frames for the entire world to see, and fall in love with. That is what keeps us in motion.”

Our Story, is one of the country’s prominent and modern-day contemporary film directors- Dipankar Dipon and the International Communication Agency Spellbound Leo Burnett joined forces with an identical philosophy to change the landscape of the film and visual industry of the country

Merge of Art and Communication:  The Result ArtCom

Spellbound Communications Limited, an affiliation of Leo Burnett Worldwide, a Division of Publicis Group, hereby represented as Spellbound Leo Burnett, is a leading communications agency of Bangladesh which operates with the vision to engage communication through strategy and its expertise to create impact and bring positive change on millions of lives. It also strives to contribute on social and economic development of the country through creative approach and innovative ideas.

Motion People has a core team, which is headed by our Director- Dipankar Dipon, and comprises of some of the best people in their respective art-forms. It has all the necessary resources and knowledge required to generate stories, film, edit and deliver enticing work,
that can connect to the audience

A Core Team of Elites

Dipankar Dipon

With a Career Spanning over 2 decades, this modern day film maestro has directed some of the most acclaimed films in the recent past like- Dhaka Attack , Dhaka 2040, and two highly anticipated films brewing to be released soon- Operation Sundarban and Antarjal.

Films and Spellbound Understands Communication. Together we are creating films and other visual art forms which are able to communicate with the audience. When Art and Communicational strategy flows in symphony it becomes a spectacle to behold. We call our approach- ArtCom. For OTT Platforms, this has the potential to be a game-changer.