Dipankar Dipon is a renowned Bangladeshi film director and screenwriter. In his 20-year career – of 2000 to 2020 – he made a feature film, a web content, 25 TV Movies & Telefilms, 25 TV serials, 40 Short TV video fictions, 48 live-action films for Sesame Street Bangladesh, 2 short films, and 12 Documentaries. His first feature film Dhaka Attack (2017), a police thriller has won four National Film Awards in 2017 in categories of the Best Film, Best Actor, Best Sound, and Best Make-up.

From early his career, Dipon believed in a wide variety of content. He never selected the same content for another project, Moreover, he never walked in the easy course of the entertainment industry in the country. When he started his career, love and comedy were the safest subject to get popularity. But Dipon got matured by exploring various fictional themes. His subject was always extraordinary like Golden Ratio of 1:1.69, Story of a local bus (Mayer Doa Poribohon), Psychological Transformation of mid-age man (Metamorphosis), story of a university campus-based musical band (Swapno Ghuri), the tale of a clerk moving across the small town with an unidentified corpse at night (Inside of a man), a story of an unusual amount of money order (435.75 taka), the story of a rural astronomer going to the moon (Osman Gani Chande Jabe), the story of a local human hauler (Tempo), Catharsis of University Student ( Catharsis), story of the car which can talk ( Talking Car), story about an anti-smoking vaccine( Bishkhkhoy), story of a magical moneybag which gives unlimited money ( Moneybag Fanrasy), Regular phone call from a dead person ( Phone Call) and may more. All of his productions are enriched rich in a variety of content

He made a movie in 2014 and appeared in the limelight – variety of content was the key success point here also. His first movie, Bangladesh’s first police thriller Dhaka Attack, broke the 21-year business record. Dhaka Attack has formed a new course. It has created a new dimension in the fading film industry of Bangladesh. After the release of Dhaka Attack, many more films were made of the same genre. But director Dipankar Dipon has taken a new path again. He has made Futuristic Social Fiction “Dhaka 2040” and Wildlife Action Thriller “Operation Sundarbans.” Besides, some other movies including the first Bangladeshi film about cyber war “Antarjal (Internet)” and aerial warfare related film “Do or Die,” are in the pipeline.

Also, he was responsible as the ‘live-action film director’ at the ‘Sesame’ workshop under Asiatic since 2006-2012. He made more than 50 live action films during that period. With his one of live-action film ‘Children at Rainy Day’ in2007, Dipon participated talent campus in the International film festival at Berlin, Germany. There he was selected for ‘Talent Project Market 2006’ under European Film Market in Berlinale with his exclusive movie project titled ‘Janani’. Janani was a futuristic film which was only Bangladeshi project got entry in European Film Market through Talent project Market. He also worked with AKFPL (Anurag Kashyap Film Production Limited) in Mumbai from 2012 – 2014. He made a remarkable number of documentaries for many of the leading organizations, including UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR, PLAN, Marie Stopes – Bangladesh, among others.

Dipankar Dipon holds a Master’s Degree in Drama and Dramatics from famous Jahangirnagar University. Theater is his passion, and he has been associated with Stage drama since 1992 through Rangpur Infantry. He later completed a one-year theater course in 1995 as a student of the 6th batch from the theater school run by the theater troupe. In 1996, he took admission in the Department of Drama and Dramatics at Jahangirnagar University. He joined Dhaka Theater, the famous theater troupe of the capital. Later, he joined the Bangladesh Gram Theatre. Selim Al Deen, a renowned teacher of Jahangirnagar University was the founder of Bangladesh Gram Theatre. Moreover, Dipon was closely associated with several theater troupes in Rangpur and Dinajpur. He has also received awards at the national level as a director of stage plays. Gradually, he became involved with the visual production in 2002 by removing the direct involvement of the stage drama.

Dipon has also formed an organization “Backend Creators.” From Backend Creators, he has been working to discover the skills in various fields of cinema, including filmmaking. From there, he has formed Backend Online Institute of Film. And the first batch of students of the institute has completed the course. Dipankar Dipon has started also two YouTube channels naming “Vitamin Cinema” and Binodon Dot Beshi. Dipon now lives with his family in Niketan area of Dhaka. His wife Sanjukta Saha is associated with newspapers by profession.